Satellite Dishes are Prohibited

Without prior written authorization from management


Absolutely no dishes have ever been authorized for installation on the roofs.  A $1,000 fine will be assessed for repairs to the roof or other areas damaged by unauthorized attachments to exterior structures under the control and ownership of the association.


This is covered under rule 15 in the official 1998 comprehensive rules and regulations of the Riverside Court Condominium Association, Phase II as filed in the Jefferson Parish Courthouse.  This has again been revisited and updated by the Board of Directors in their Satellite Dish Resolution passed March 20, 2006.


As repeated roof damage with resulting leaks and thousands of dollars in property damage has been caused over time by such unauthorized installations, management will be taking measures to prevent the recurring damage by issuing meaningful fines to unit owners and criminal trespass charges against the offending installers.  Unauthorized dishes have and will be documented and subsequently removed.  If you see any such installations taking place, please immediately call management or the police.


As the rules, regulations, fines and fee schedules apply to all residents, unit owners and installers, you are encouraged to review them by visiting the associationís website at or by requesting a printed copy of the applicable documents.