Air conditioning work has resumed on the property. Work is currently being done by a company named AC Ambulance. The installers are near completion on Building "I" and are currently working on Building "J" as well. Building "A" is next in line on the schedule.

In order to complete the work as soon as possible, all owners and residents are asked to coordinate with management to arrange access to their units. A key may be left in the office so we may let the AC installers in to do their work. Also please provide the office with a contact phone number so we can notify you when work is nearing a start on your unit.

The installers will have to make several visits to the units to complete the work. Each unit could be completed in as little as three days or it could take as long as two weeks depending on the number of units in your building.

The swimming pools are in the process of being converted to saltwater pools. The benefits of this are healthier pools, lower maintenance costs and easier upkeep.

The pools should be completed and opened  by the memorial day weekend.


If you would like to post an article in the newsletter send us an email with the article and we will review it and post it. Please no profanity. We maintain complete editorial rights.

Installation of the new windows has begun. The window installers will follow behind the AC installers. Whenever a unit Central AC installation is completed, the window AC units will then be removed and the new windows put in.

When an Unit has its Central AC installed and the window units are removed, please see if you can recycle the window AC to someone at Riverside that needs it. Contact the office for help in coordinating this.

Parking Space Tags - Requirements for tags are registration, driver's license and proof of insurance.  It is necessary that each owner and/or tenant check into the office with these documents.  One space is allocated per unit. An extra, second parking space is available on a first come - first serve basis for a $20/month fee. No third spaces are issued. If you have a tag issued previously, the documents mentioned are needed by the office. If these records are not in the office regardless if you have a tag or not may be subject to towing.  There have been a lot of complaints about the parking spaces. If owners and/or tenants do not cooperate with the request, it will be a long drawn out process getting the parking lot straight.  Your cooperation is appreciated.