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A new roof has been installed on Bldg. A and work will begin, after Christmas, on a new roof for Bldg S.  All roofs will be inspected and replaced or repaired as money is available.  The roofs will be listed according to severity of damage and the most heavily damaged will we repaired first.


Flood Damage

Inspection of all 1st floor units will begin after Christmas.  All water damaged material must be removed and the unit must be treated for mold.  You can do the work yourself and be reimbursed, after inspection and when insurance money is received, or the Association will do it for you.


Board Members

Ron Beagle has resigned as President but is still a Board Member.  Katy Johnson has been elected as President.  Gary Bukaske and James Anderson have been appointed as additional Board members.  Lee Longstreet has been appointed to the maintenance committee and Gary, James and Paula Miller have been appointed to the Finance Committee.


Chillers / Boilers

Both chillers (air conditioning systems) are presently inoperable.  Three compressors need to be replaced as well as both towers.  A claim has been made due to flood damage.

The boilers at 6300 are operational.  The boilers at 6320 are being worked on.  Two water pumps had to be rebuild and valves had to be replaced.  The 6320 boiler eventually needs to be replaced.  The system should be operational by Friday 12/22/05.


More information will be posted as it comes available.


In case of emergency please contact;

Pam            236-4612 cell

456-2525 pager

Jenny                   452-9602 cell