Sept. 26, 2002 Hurricane Isidore


>>  Too Late to STOP                                              >>  Day after storm survey via Dinghy


>>  Flooded fuel dock                                               >>  Flooded Hong Kong restaurant


>>  Torn up Coast Guard Dock                               >>  Brunings Resturant


>>  Riding about 4-5 foot higher than normal         >>  Flooded docks



Aug / Sept. ’05  Hurricane Katrina & Rita 3-week double whammy


>>  Text narrative                                                      >>  Orleans Marina pictures


>>  NOAA post Katrina aerial photos                     >>  NOAA Katrina marine debris maps


>>  Salvage operations continue April ’07             >>  West End Residence @ Harborview pictures


>>  Katrina, West End Yacht Harbor - New Orleans “this picture says it all 


>>  Imagery (all hurricanes) 2003 - 2022



>>  An absolute must see Katrina video, “The power of wind and water”.  Much of the 12 minute video depicts the marinas and the neighborhood within walking distance around the West End yacht basin and adjacent neighborhoods.  It is 120 mb, do not attempt to view without a high speed internet connection.  I suggest you save a copy to disk before closing the video and burn to CD, you will want to keep this one for life.


>>  Madisonville high water pictures                       >>  Gulfport, MS small craft harbor -

                                                                                    (void of boats & piers (was home to hundreads of yachts)

August 29, 2012 Hurricane Isaac


>> Boat in Orleans Marina goes down, then is raised with air bags.


… updated 9-12