By Laws of the Moonraker Island Civic Organization, Inc.


Approved by the General Membership on June 27, 2018



Article 1

The name of the organization shall be MOONRAKER ISLAND CIVIC ORGANIZATION, INC.


Article II

The objective of the organization is to keep its residents informed of the current or future challenges related to Moonraker Island, to address these challenges, focus toward protecting its residents and their properties, increasing property values, and promote wellbeing.


Article III

Moonraker Island Civic Organization (MICO) shall have two classes of membership, MICO and MICO AUXILIARY. MICO members are those record lot owners, record homeowners, tenants, lessees, or inheritors who live on Moonraker Dr., not entities that hold interest as security for performance of any obligation. MICO members who have paid their current yearly dues (to be set by the board as budgeted and approved by the voting membership) may vote on all matters placed before the membership. MICO AUXILIARY members are those associates of Moonraker Island who wish to participate in an auxiliary capacity. AUXILIARY members who have paid their current yearly dues may vote on all matters EXCEPT those that strictly pertain to Moonraker Island.  Each paid membership shall cast one vote per household, NO MORE THAN ONE.


Article IV

The membership shall meet no less than semi-annually throughout the year; a two-week notification of those meetings shall be given to the residents. The executive board shall meet as necessary for preparation of special events at any given time. The executive board can call all emergency or special meetings of the full membership if deemed necessary. A quorum can be declared by majority of those present at membership meetings.


Article V

The executive board shall consist of elected officials and Board appointed committee chairpersons.


Article VI

The President presides over the organization meetings.


Article VII

The Vice President substitutes for the President when the President is unavailable.


Article VIII

The Secretary takes the minutes of the meeting and reports to the membership. The Secretary handles the correspondence of the organization.





Article IX

The Treasurer shall be the financial officer of the organization. The Treasurer is responsible for all matters pertaining to accounting. The Treasurer shall present a treasurerís report at general membership meetings.


Article X

The Sergeant at Arms keeps order during the meetings.


Article XI

A method of assigning committee heads shall be deemed over time for fundraising, nominations, newsletter, and other special committees. The reports of these committees shall be checked systematically by the board and reported to the membership at the meetings or by newsletter either electronically or by paper.


Article XII

The business of the organization will be handled by the board, elected officials (elections to be held every two years) who shall be indemnified by MICO, Inc., against all expenses and liabilities including counsel fees except in cases wherein the director or officer is adjudged guilty of willful misfeasance or malfeasance in the performance of his or her duties.


Article XIII

Any article of these by laws can be added, amended, or deleted by a majority vote of the members of the organization at a meeting of the membership.




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