East St. Tammany Barrier Park & Flood Mitigation Project- something for everyone 

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It has been said the Schneider Canal Levee project creates an increased flood exposure to the residents of Eden Isles, Clipper Estates, Oak Harbor, Moonraker, Palm Lake and Lakeview neighborhoods.  


A.G. Crowe, (former Louisiana State Senator district 1) once proposed a berm project much like that used in Lakeshore Estates and also currently being considered in areas along the south shore.  While not total flood protection, it would reduce the initial tidal wave action that occurs following the passage of hurricane winds and helps mitigate the negative effects of the Schneider Canal & New Orleans East Levee projects.  Stringing the berms together at some point with a gate would provide total flood protection.


- http://datakik.com/eihoa/Flood/Northshore%20Breakwater.pdf

- http://datakik.com/eihoa/Flood\Sunrise Park.pdf

- http://datakik.com/eihoa/Flood/Berms-examples.htm


The problem in building the project is financing.  Creative financing would include multiple sources of funding which when combined help make the project interesting. 


2022 update:

Fox8 news clip: https://www.vuit.com/publishers/356/wvue-fox-8-news#vod:20156430

Nature Island Flyover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5ZgvnPhiFg

Go Fund Me Link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/nature-island-in-slidell-on-lake-pontchartrain


Turning the project into a recreational facility benefits residents of the entire Slidell region.

- Relocation of the originally proposed Sunrise Park to the berms opens up the project to Federal
  park & recreational marine grants. 

- Federal:  Multiple environmental & Sea Grant programs.

- State of Louisiana:  Projects fit within the multiple lines of defense strategy.

- Parish:  Mitigation funding to offset the liability of the Slidell ring levee project.

- Use of FEMA funds from destroyed public boat launch to build a new one on the fishing pier
   property which would become protected from wave action by the proposed project. 

- Private:  Tax deductible Philanthropy, adopt an island programs and Legacy Donations for build out projects such as pavilions, walkways, beaches, etc. 

- Business:  Long term no cost lease availability for corporate sponsors who build a barrier island.   


Some of the benefits of a Marine Park & Beach:


- Storm surge reduction for the neighborhoods behind the island berms conforms with the multiple lines of defense strategy.  ... see https://scienceforourcoast.org/lpbf-programs/coastal/multiple-lines-of-defense-strategy/ 

>>> Surge Science, see LPBF May 2016 publication "The Dynamics of Storm Surge in Pontchartrain / Maurepas"



- Waterfront public recreational space accessed via the Slidell Fishing Pier and by boat  providing a controlled quality family recreational area for people of all ages. 


- Day slips on the protected side for special events and for those boats that do not have the speed to make the trip from New Orleans to the Mississippi Gulf Coast in one day. 


- A lakefront economic engine for the entire Slidell area.  Boats would now have a nearby place to go causing much more to be spent on boating. 


- Families no longer have to drive to Mississippi to enjoy a public beach area which helps to keep tax dollars in our area. 


- A stimulus for lakefront development (restaurants, theme park, etc.)


- Provides a protected place for St. Tammany police, Louisiana Wildlife enforcement, and the Coast Guard to position their vessels for immediate response.  


- Environmental haven for birds and smaller fish needing an area to breed outside of the tidal stream leading to the gulf.  Possible funding via the "Wetlands Mitigation Banking System"

( https://www.nrcs.usda.gov/wps/portal/nrcs/detail/national/programs/farmbill/?cid=nrcseprd362686 )



Using Florida's "Peanut Island" model, there is something for every interest.


St. Tammany parish / City of Slidell

  - Public access to islands via the Slidell Fishing Pier (revenue & controlled security)

  - Increased flood resistance for the economically important Shoreline communities

  - Provides hurricane protection for the Slidell Fishing Pier project & other lakefront developments

  - Mitigation relief from the liability imposed by the Slidell Ring Levee project


Sheriff's Dept. - Fishing pier office, doubles as sheriff's outpost.

                        - Protected rapid response law enforcement slips


Wildlife & Fisheries - Protected rapid response enforcement slips


US Coast Guard - Protected slips for rapid response to Lake Pontchartrain


Metrological & Hydraulic Storm Surge Study Site / NOAA / US Geological Service

  - perfect place for weather & tide reporting instruments


Environmental Haven - Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation

  - Restricted Wilderness Islands for nesting birds, wildlife and aquatic species / studies


"Adopt an Island Program"

  - Provides another venue for big business to give back to the community


Public Recreation & boating (multiple grants available)

 - Island for permitted overnight camping (scouting, etc.)

 - Island with publicly accessible sand beach

 - Protected boat launch site becomes available

 - Venue for boat rendezvous, fishing tournaments & like events without intruding into neighborhoods

 - Day Slips & overnight slip tie-ups for transient vessels (rugged / no facilities),

   12 hours only with drop box for donations. 

 - The perfect place for special sunrise services held by multiple denominations.

 - With a sand beach on the protected side that is accessible via the fishing pier it
   provides a place that families can have quality outdoor leisure time together.


Tamany Yacht Club / Sailors

- Fill taken from navigation channel to build islands will benefit deeper draft vessels like sailboats.

Research:  // Links & References


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- Peanut Island - Palm Beach, FL


    (be sure to go through the links that describe the multiple public benefits)


Example of a Louisiana Lakefront recreational project made possible by reclaimed lake bottoms. 

     This is a state approved project that deserves a personal visit. 

     Although the infrastructure, fishing pier and boat launch are complete there are plans to expand the land mass even further. 

- http://www.kenner.la.us/pages/section_3_15.asp    (City of Kenner Laketown)

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQ42sUv3DR4&feature=player_embedded


What happened when Bay St. Louis, MS created a beach front.

- https://www.waterwayguide.com/featured-marina/bay-of-st-louis-harbor-and-marina

- be sure to click on the "old town link",   http://www.baystlouisoldtown.com  

- Slidell has the harbor, the harbor convention center and the water.  It is only missing a beach to make it all work.

                        (build a beach and they will come - along with their money too)  


Grants & Sample methods of Funding: 

- http://wsg.washington.edu/mas/pdfs/nwwws/C5/C5_Belleque.pdf

         (presentation: "adding value with recreational boating grants")


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   (report on the economic impact of Fisheries, Wildlife & Boating in Louisiana)


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- http://www.rco.wa.gov/grants/boating_grants.shtml

            (example grants - Washington state)


- http://nysparks.com/grants/boating-infrastructure/default.aspx

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- http://uscgboating.org/grants/state-grants-rbs-program.php

            (US Coast Guard state grants)


- http://www.doi.gov/news/pressreleases/AMERICAS-GREAT-OUTDOORS-Salazar-Announces-Grants-to-Boost-Recreational-Boating-in-10-States.cfm

            (note Slidell, LA grant award)


- http://www.rco.wa.gov/grants/park_grants.shtml

            (examples of the many park grants available, including the building of waterfront parks)




The naturally occurring coriolis effect sets up a counter-clockwise tidal spin in Lake Pontchartrain. The coriolis effect is an effect generated by the spin of the earth. It affects everything from the spin of hurricanes to the spin induced when flushing a toilet.


Because of this tidal spin, waters in Lake Pontchartrain are directed off of the eastern side of the lake directly towards Eden Isles and surrounding neighborhoods. During the passing of a hurricane where the winds come from the west the build up of water from 30 miles of open fetch is more of an issue now than ever. The raising of the levees in the New Orleans East marsh exacerbate this problem because now the water cannot overflow the New Orleans East marshes on it way back to the gulf. Combine this with the Slidell Ring Levee project and now that water becomes trapped in the Eden Isles area with nowhere to go.


We must also remember since the gate was installed in the New Orleans Industrial Canal, that exit to the gulf is now closed until the lake water subsides via the "Chef" & Rigolets.


Eden Isles and surrounding communities are now at greater risk than they have ever been. These are government induced problems by the Corps of Engineers & St. Tammany Parish. Berms are needed to help steer this water toward the Rigolets and to mitigate these engineering induced problems by knocking down these ever greater tidal surges. Gate systems are also needed at the Chef & Rigolets to help control how much water comes into the lake to begin with. Gate & Berm systems are likely both needed to resolve the problem during major events.


updated July 2018

updated Feb. 2022



The ideas herein are opinionated, conceptual in nature, subject to interpretation, refinement & correction.

... Lee Longstreet