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Attention Investors


This "concept" is perfect for the property at 4240 Williams Blvd. Kenner, LA

 - see for info on the location. 

This is a corner location - Williams Blvd. @ 43 St. with room for a few outdoor tables in the green space.

Additional Side street access provides for superior kitchen operations.

The concept & the website goes with the property rental at no additional charge.


The casino 3 blocks away is a 24 hour operation.

The hotel 3 blocks away is a 24 hour operation.

Late arrival from Kenner's New Orleans Int'nl Airport?

Where to eat after a late night movie?

News & WiFi for the convention center visitor, and of course while checking your email, going though the magazines, newspapers, or watching CNN you will want something to eat.


Putting it all together in the right place makes for a profitable operation. 


Notes: Combining suites 1 & 2 provides 2 restrooms and the necessary parking. 

           The combined space of 2160sf rents for $2500/month modified gross.

           The building's real estate taxes, insurance, lawn maint., exterior lighting & existing dumpster service included - extra pickups are extra.

           The existing space is retail commercial.  You will need to build out to suit your operations.


Call Lee Longstreet @ 504-283-4706 for more info.