To:  All Harborview Homeowners


From: Harborview Homeowners’ Association Board


Date:  May 24, 2009


Subject: New Property Manager Announcement



The Homeowner Association has hired a new property manager for the complex.  The new manager, Bonnie Loftis, will be our full-time property manager and will be replacing the services of Wagner & Truax commencing June 1, 2009.


She will be onsite three days a week and will be operating from the management office in the lobby of our building.  Some of you have already met her as she has been on site familiarizing herself with the complex.


This new management arrangement will allow homeowners & residents to have a one-point contact person to handle all requests. You may contact Bonnie for all your needs, such as parking toll tags, key fobs, paying condo fees, and more.  Please report to her any questions or concerns you may have.  If she can not easily answer your question at that moment, she will get back to you after she has had a chance to research your request.


Regina Wedig, the Trustee for the Association, will continue handling the distribution of insurance funds to homeowners.  However, Regina will be sending the draw checks to the lobby office to Bonnie’s attention.


All homeowner requests can be directed to her via telephone or e-mail.

Office number:  504-394-2972   Harborview Office Number: 504-282-2027

The after hours and emergency phone number will be 504-286-1996 (this will not be effective until June 1, 2009).  Her e-mail address will be or


Office Hours are Monday thru Friday from 9 AM  to 5 PM

Harborview on-site office hours will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from approximately 10 AM to 2 PM


Effective immediately, please mail your monthly condominium fees to:


Harbor Homeowners Association

500 Lake Marina Dr. Suite 100

New Orleans, La 70124


There will be more information and details to follow regarding all progress and changes that are taking place.


Bonnie is very knowledgeable of the complexities of a condominium regime and currently manages other condominium buildings in the New Orleans metropolitan area. We think she will be a great asset to the Association in these final stages of our road to recovery.