* NOTICE to those with “totaled” units.  You must schedule your tear out (gutting) work before December 1, else this work will be up to the individual condo owner since the tear out crew will be off the job.   … Jack Rose


>>  An absolute must see Katrina video, “The power of wind and water”.  Much of

the 12 minute video depicts the neighborhood within walking distance around Harborview.

It is 120 mb, do not attempt to view without a high speed internet connection.  I suggest you

save a copy to disk before closing the video and burn to CD, you will want to keep this one for life.


>>  Picture album of Hurrican Katrina damage and reconstruction  (updated 8/16/07)


>>  Information on Mold & environmental issues


>>  Hurricane Evacuation Tips  (added 7-26-06)


>>  Public Resources  (updated 10-13-09)


>>  Disposal of flood cars


>>  Lockdown Notice 12/16/05


>>  Notice from Entergy (rev. 1-11-06)


>>  Aggressive Regional Planning Commission view of West End redevelopment  (added 6/6/06)


 Business issues relating to Harborview & Katrina have been moved to the business section to make more room here.