October 06, 2010  -  EDEN ISLES


I just received a phone call from Mr. _____ at ___ Gretel Cove.  He was approached by a man yesterday evening around 5:15 stating that he was with "ADT" and wanted to come in to give him a quote on security.


Needless to say this gentleman was savvy enough not to let him in.  The vehicle was an unmarked white cargo type van.


When Mr. ______ called ADT this morning he was told that no way was this person employed by them. 


I know this is going around.  I think it's really important for us to get the signs up that our community is monitored with cameras.  I have an old sign that I'll put in place, but have no way of securing it...


Please if anyone can check the cameras to see if we can get a plate on this vehicle. 




Liz Hoffman,

Eden Isles Homeowner’s Assoc.

Slidell, LA





September 30, 2010  - Turtle Creek


A notice received by Cindy Franatovich, Eden Isles Homeowners Assoc. president


A homeowner in Turtlecreek was solicited by a couple saying they were from ADT security. The male was in a dark colored van (green or blue) and the female approached the door. There was no identification presented by the lady, no uniform was worn, and no markings on the van about ADT.


The female told the homeowner she had a nice house and asked to come inside to talk about security options. When she was told that the homeowner was happy with the security service she had, the female asked if she was monitored remotely. After refusal of entry, the pair left without stopping at any other home along the street.


The homeowner does not have any signs that say she has an alarm.


The homeowner contacted the Sheriff's Office who told her that a home in Kingspoint was robbed after being approached by the above couple at their home. They apparently did not have an alarm. If anyone is approached, the officer has requested that 911 be called as soon as possible.


 Turtle Creek Homeowners Association

 Slidell, LA