Submitting info for publication in the Eden Islander newsletter.


"In order to facilitate inclusion in The Eden Islander newsletter issue of your choosing, all materials must be RECEIVED BY Sharon Jenkins Smith at according to the following deadlines:

Fall 2014 - received in mailboxes in September; no later than
Winter 2014 - received in mailboxes in December; no later than




Posting of information on the Eden Isles Website

... Nov. 2013


- Except for referenced "web-links" and original works of the EIHOA, the originator of the information to be placed on the web must be identifiable. 


- Permission & contact info is required for 3rd party info.  Works of others are to be credited in the footnotes.    


- While the originator must be included in the posting, you may request their contact info not be published; however, contact info must be included in the submission for verification.   


Although some grammar corrections and format enhancements may be made, the webmaster is not your personal secretary.  Please try to follow industry standards.  Please review  before submitting your info. 


You may wish to consider the "posting" of less formal announcements yourself on the "Public Forum" or "Facebook" whereby you become solely responsible for the contents.  While you need an account to view the Facebook page; anyone can view the postings on the public forum.  Links to these resources are included on the home page of .


Other web info:

The Eden Isles Homeowners Association, Inc. is the owner of the web domain: .

Certainly the website is not a display of web skills, but an attempt to present as much info as can be gathered. 


The web hosting, maintenance and data storage area for the domain are 100% donated resulting in the website being completely free of cost to the EIHOA.  The actual web service & space for the files are piggy-backed on one of my other sites hosted by which keeps my cost very low.


For simplicity and savings in time, the website was created almost entirely with Microsoft Word with very little added coding.  The files were saved as web page filtered “.htm” files so they will load fast and not trigger any security alerts. 


Although I maintain several websites, those sites not for myself are for friends or non profit groups and on a gratis / volunteer basis.   I am simply giving back to the community.  I do not do computer support or websites for a living nor do I profess to be up to date with computer skills.


Any questions or comments regarding the website or the EIHOA may be directed to .