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Eden Isles Water System / Coast Water Works


September 24, 2012


Raymond Frey, v.p. / eihoa, spoke to John Miller with Coast Waterworks.  The following information was obtained from Mr. Miller:


1.  The well in which the water is supplied is an artesian well approximated 2600 to 2800 feet deep.


2.  The system has 2 pickup lines from the well, one is an 8 pipe which is capable of supplying

     1000 GPM supply to the water tower.  The other supply line is a 12 which is capable of handling

     1400 GPM.  At the present time the 8 is in service and the 12 is out of service for maintenance.

     According to Mr. Miller the 12 supply being out of service has no negative impact on our service.

     Either the 12 or 8 will maintain tower inventory.


3.  Water supply from the artesian well is pumped into the water tower. 


4.  The discharge of the water pump going to the tower is treated with chlorine to adjust PH due to

      hydrogen sulfide. 


5.  Head pressure from the water tower is approximately 48-53 PSI.  Eden Isles system pressure is

     targeted for approximately 50 PSI.


6.  When asked about the quality of the water Mr. Miller suggested he would prefer to address that on  

     an individual basis.  But, one condition that may impact the water quality is the amount of usage

     within  Eden Isles.  If usage is down, water tends to remain in the system longer resulting in odors.

     Another cause of odor in water or quality change is mechanical failure, such as in the chlorine

     dispenser  malfunctioning.  


7.  The water supply piping is divided into systems in which different areas of Eden Isles can be isolated

     by valves.  Also, the system is designed in which very few end of runs exist.  Piping is looped to avoid

     dead end piping. 


8.  In conclusion, I invited Mr. Miller to attend our EIHOA meeting to address homeowner concerns but

     he rejected my offer and suggested that homeowners call his office with any concerns about the

     system (641-7932).


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