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The Eden Isles Homeowners Association has been formally notified by the Sheriff’s office that due to the number of citizen complaints about residents storing their vehicles on the common grounds and boat trailers on the streets they will actively start enforcing parish ordinances in Eden Isles.


That means if you park your car, boat, trailer or RV on the common grounds for any length of time OR on the streets for more than 48 hours it will be ticketed.  If the vehicle is six feet or wider it will be ticketed after 24 hours, as per parish ordnances 13-002.00 “Parking For Over Forty-Eight Hours” and parish ordinances 13-002.01 “Parking For Over Twenty-Four (24) Hours”.  The ticket will cost you no less than $200.00.  Second and third offenses will result in your vehicle/vessel being towed at your expense not to mention the additional fines. 


This crackdown on illegal parking will be conducted along with their current crackdown on speeding.  We’ve also been warned that speeding tickets issued will also be no less than $200.00 each offense.  Multiple offenses will result in possible loss of driving privileges.  (OUCH!)


> St. Tammany Parish ordinance – see section 13-002.01 (district-13, Eden Isles / Oak Harbor, etc.)