My water stinks, what can be done?


Homes in Eden Isles are particularly susceptible to hot water heater contamination.  Some homes have set unused for months, even years without being used.  Others are used infrequently and the owners turn off the hot water heaters or lower the temperature to save on electricity.  This is the ideal environment for bacterial growth.  When the occupants then take a shower they breathe in the mist of bacteria into their lungs.  Combine the infrequent use with the age of many of our residents and you have the perfect recipe for Legionnaire's Disease.


Another form of not so obvious contamination is from garden hose water.  Garden hoses are typically contaminated since they are stored with stagnant water.  If there is a momentary pressure drop in the home like when a washing machine comes on or other significant water demand while the water supply to a garden hose is also on, some of the water in the hose will be sucked backward into the homes plumbing if there is no vacuum breaker installed at the hose bib.  Many homes in Eden Isles do not have the required vacuum breakers installed on the hose bibs.  


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