Maintaining & improving our neighborhood


Things like street repairs, signage, water, sewerage, power, garbage pick-up, lawn maintenance, canal cleaning and street light maintenance are all necessary to keep up our neighborhood and show we care about where we live.  


Some things are not quite so obvious because maybe we think someone else is in charge of seeing they are done.   That’s just not so.   Everyone should make an effort to pick up debris floating behind their homes because no one is contracted to do that for us.


Street lights are paid for each month whether they work or not; what’s more, no one is checking on them.   If you see a street light out all it takes is a simple call to get it repaired, usually in just a few days.   So show you care, call it in.


For neighborhood streetlights, call CLECO at 800-622-6537.  Make sure you have the address or nearest intersecting street names when you call.


For street lights on the interstate, call St.Tammany Parish public works at (985) 898-2557. 


If you need to identify a solution for something else you can email the Eden Isles Homeowners Association from their website at .   You might also try posting your questions on the neighborhood forum at