Home Security Tips


- Point of Contact: 

Put your cell number on your front door with the implication that visitors are to call your phone instead of knocking or ringing the doorbell.  After all, you could be hearing impaired or disabled. 


This way, if you are in the back yard, working on your boat or just can’t come to the door a criminal is not going to break in thinking no one is home.  Even if you are not home you can still answer the phone from anywhere and the visitor will not know the difference.  You can simply indicate you are not interested or you will get back with them at a better time. 


And once they call you, you have their number.  If it doesn’t sound right you have time to prepare.  If there is criminal intent the police will be able to trace the number back to its owner.  You may also wish to list the same number in the homeowner’s directory so that your neighbors or the police can call you if they see anything suspicious.


- Crimes of opportunity: 

There have been several reported “crimes of opportunity” regarding theft of personal possessions from unsecured automobiles.  The sheriff’s office stated this has been occurring in several neighborhoods.  It is highly suggested you keep your windows closed and doors locked.


- Unauthorized Entry:

A security alarm is beneficial, a dog even better.  A simple announce only motion detector bell like retail stores use at their entrance can be useful.  Put one by your front door and one in your back yard so you will know when someone has entered your property.  Place the remote bell inside where only you can hear it.  These are available for under $15 at Harbor Freight.  Leaving a TV on when not at home can also deter break-ins.  Security cameras are also helpful.


- Personal Defense:

Guns have been in the news a lot lately.  Unfortunately the only defense against someone armed with a gun is to have one yourself.  But there are other things that might help.  A baseball bat or wasp spray combined with the element of surprise are some examples.  Criminals really do not want confrontation but obviously will also defend themselves.  The Sheriff’s office offers a free Women’s defense course.  Also Google “home defense” and “personal defense alternatives”. 


- Condition of property:

Make use of outdoor lighting - the new CFL lights use so little electricity you can not detect their use on your monthly bill.  Keep your grass cut, gardens groomed, paint fresh, take in garbage cans and pick up newspapers promptly.  It’s a fact.  Well cared for properties are less subject to crime.  


- Community Involvement:

Know your neighbors and look out for each other.  If you have cameras share that info with your neighborhood association; should the need arise it may help solve a crime.