Flood issues associated with the Lake Pontchartrain area.

… more specifically the Slidell Area & North Shore

                                                                                                                                                           Updated July – 2021

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Fema Flood Maps – Eden Isles map-1map-2, LSU

Stopping floodgates @ Rigolets & “Chef”, 9-8-05

* Flood Insurance Issues, click here



Los Angles Times article, 9-9-05

History of Flood Protection - Last update 2012


Pontchartrain SSP - Why Not - Updated Aug. 2015

US GAO report - USACE flood protection, 11-9-05


USACE flood control projects, 9-12-06photo album

USACE @ Northshore Harbor Center 6-16-09

T.P. article - “Vald” Heibert, III, retired USACE, 6-22-07

Six costal protection & restoration plans

Decision Making Chronology USACE - 333pg report, 3-08



Flood Protection For St.Tammany.com website

US Army Corps of Engineers – N.O. office


“LACPR” Louisiana Coastal Protection Restoration

Northshore Breakwater Plan //  A.G. Crowe

USACE Facts & Figures, Aug-2010


USACE & USGS information & projects

Engineers Proposed Tidal Management Gates 

HSDRRS Risk Reduction Video

Save our lake report on control structures

IERS11B Lake Borgne & NO East


MR-GO's closure, 12-16-10  details, www.mrgo.gov

Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation reports



SELA – Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority

T.P. Article – N.O. Defense Fortress (nothing for north shore)

(combined east bank levee boards)    SELA Projects


La. Coastal Prot. & Restoration Auth. report 185 pg - 49mb

Institutional Storm surge modeling

T.P article on Master Plan


T.P article: Economics of Hurricane Isaac, 9-2-12

Flood Myths, facts & history – Tulane University

T.P. editorial: Benefit Cost Analysis 9-9-12



>> Eden Isles Flood Protection Committee

St. Tammany Hazard Mitigation Plan


St. Tammany FPA ? -3-08   (.pdf version

Hydraulics & Hydrology by USACE , a study of

flood elevations relative to improvement structures

St.Tammany must pay, 9-9-08  - cost sharing guidelines


Davis’ thoughts on flood protection -6-09

Louisiana’s Coastal Master Plan  

Slidell Levee, 10-18-10  //  related article, 10-19-10


Slidell Levee accredited ?  //  Funds Request

State’s 2012 Master Plan to include Pontchartrain Barrier


LA-CPRA financial view of barriers at Rigolets & Chef

NOAA Storm Surge Site

Louisiana House approves 50-year Master Plan

St.Tammany Parish – weir plans  //  Weir Plan map

Coastal Master Plan Project Lists

The Advocate 10-17-12  Six Parishes support barriers



USACE Isaac report (290pgs)

 LPBF 2020 Storm Surge Report



USACE 2021 St. Tammany Study