Eden Isles Covenants


In 2005 Katrina destroyed or displaced many of the documents held by residents & possibly altered the recollections of some of them.  Some people have moved on and new ones have taken their place making neighborhood records hard to locate.  While there have been questions regarding the validity of the various versions of the covenants, all versions maintain the theme of regulation for a quality neighborhood and just appear to be rewrites or restatements of the original courthouse records so they are easier to read and reproduce.  Many of the covenants follow the St. Tammany Parish Comprehensive Land Use Zoning Ordinance.   


Below are the various historical versions of the ordinances obtained at this time.  While courthouse records may not have the latest version, it will be the only legal version unless a newer legally acceptable document is officially placed into the public record.  Over time we will try to put more of the original courthouse records on-line so everyone can have easy access.   


Eden Isles Subdivision Unit Map             Oak Harbor PUD

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Eden Isles Homeowner’s Association

From the Developer’s

Sales Offices

From St.Tammany

Courthouse Records


Eden Isles - Unit 1 , Unit 1a


 EIHOA Guide to the Covenants

for units 3, 4 & 5

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Eden Isles - Unit 2 , Unit 2a


Eden Isles - Unit 3

Unit 3, 1971 -  .pdf   .tif

Eden Isles - Unit 4

Unit 4, 1971 -  .pdf   .tif

Eden Isles - Unit 5

Unit 5, 1974 -  .pdf   .tif







Guide link references >       Planning Department     Unified Code Index    Land Use Zoning Ordinance > Complete .pdf


35 page notice filed by the Eden Isles Homeowners Association in regards to the sale of Eden Isles, Inc. to Landmark Land, Inc.  This filing includes the developer’s handouts on the covenants covering each of the 5 units of Eden Isles.  This was filed in the land records department of the St.Tammany Parish Courthouse on February 25, 1987   Both file formats are included here:   (.pdf)    (.tif)


Covenants for the Multi-family / Harbor section, formerly part of Eden Isles unit 4, subsequently purchased by Oak Harbor Corporation and regulated by the Marina Drive of Oak Harbor Property Owners Association, Inc. – visit www.marinadrive.org   


St. Tammany Parish’s position on Covenants                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   updated, August. 2014 


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