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updated 6-22-21

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Crime Stoppers GNO


Pests & Rodent control


>  Enviromental 


>  Kitchen fire safety     >  Barbeques Banned, it’s the law. 


>  No fireplaces are to be used in the Riverside properties.  No exceptions, see notice.


Cigarette Smoking - How to stop smoking, Health, Fire & Legal Trends


>  Toilet, Garbage Disposer and Plumbing tips   .pdf   ///   Jefferson Parish Sewer Tips


Red Cross First Aid quick reference  


National Safety Council - Louisiana


Defensive Driving Safety Course


>  Personal Health & More Quality of Life resources, see .

>  Drug Addiction info:







>  Always test bath water with your hand before just getting in.    > Click here for a video.


>  Always test anything you warm up on the tender side of your wrist before giving it to a baby.  

    Some babies have suffered horrible life threatening burns in their mouth & throat from giving food that is too hot.

    Click Here for a video.


>  Never leave your children unattended, it seems they automatically find trouble.    > Click for info


>  Child Abuse or Neglect     > Louisiana Department of Social Services


> Housing Assistance, Jefferson Parish Section 8 program


> Rental Assistance


> Financial Advice:

…  >> An interactive custom budget plan

…  Suzie Orman   …   … David Ramsey’s Budget plan

…  Personal financial classes in your area  


CDC declaration form


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