Terms of the application & offer to rent:


Property:  ____ b/r, ____ bath @ ____________ Riverside Dr., Metairie, LA  70003


Desired Date of occupancy:  _________________


Non-refundable application fee (per adult) $_______    Deposit Required $_______     Monthly Rent $________ 



The offer to rent an Apartment / Condo is subject to approval via the application process.  Because the unit is for rent to the public, the first qualified applicant is the first considered. 


All units include refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, air conditioning, heating, dumpster service, water, gas, and electricity paid.  There are 2 on site Laundromats, pool, and one assigned parking space subject to on-site property management.  Cable TV, internet & telephone are available but not provided as part of the rent. 


You do not need to have good credit or a perfect background but they must be reasonable.  You know your background so don’t waste your application money if:  1. Your background indicates you have aggressive behavior or drug activity that might pose a perceived risk to others on the property.  2. Your credit indicates you don’t pay most of whom you do business with or that your history indicates you have not paid other housing providers.  3. You have had problems regarding excess occupancy, disrespect for authority or any other issues outlined in the rules and regulations that would disturb the peaceful occupation or safety of others in the community. 


Things that are not looked at are student loans & medical bills.  The SS number you provide will be verified as valid and that it belongs to you.  A variety of means are used to verify and cross check the information you provide.  We do not use a rating score; we look at each individual with the goal of wanting to approve the application.  We can usually approve those who can’t qualify with the big name housing providers.  


Applications are typically approved within one business day.  Should applicant, through no fault of Lessor, fail to make his deposit within 24-hours of approval then Lesssor, without obligation, shall proceed to market the property to others.  You must pay the deposit to reserve the unit. 


Should applicant fail to sign the Lease, fail to pay the rent or fail to take possession of the property by accepting the keys on or before the desired date of occupancy, then the offer to rent is subject to cancellation and the deposit may be forfeited to cover the lost revenue and remarketing expenses. 


You are covered by a “named occupant” Lease.  Should others not on the lease come to live with you, it is your obligation to immediately declare them for occupancy approval.  If they cannot pass a background check, cause excess occupancy or otherwise conflict with the terms of the Lease, they may not remain on the property.  No more than 2 residents per bedroom are allowed.  Additional major appliances, pets, smoking or drug activity is not allowed.  You must live in peace; disturbing other residents is not allowed.  Violations are a breach of contract, cause for cancellation of the lease and loss of the deposit. 


Understood and agreed by:



Applicant ________________________ , date ________



Applicant ________________________ , date ________



Landlord  ________________________ , date ________ , time _________


Optional acceptance of Subsidy Programs: Following our approval and your payment of deposit you have 1 business day to present your voucher we sign to your subsidy provider for processing. The offer to rent is subject to approval by the Housing Program offering the subsidy.  An inspection of the property, if required, must occur within 2 business days.  If the subsidy program does not find the offer acceptable within this period of time the offer to rent may be rescinded and your deposit returned.  Regardless of cause, viable property cannot be held out of commerce due to contractual or scheduling delays.  



                                                                                                                rev. 8-18  -Landlord guide, www.datakik.com