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November 28, 2016



Dear Ladies & Gentlemen:

As a resident of Eden Isles I feel the duty to give my feedback regarding security issues.

While I have no objection to garage sales "Neighbor to Neighbor" within Eden Isles I have real concerns with advertising garage sales or other neighborhood events outside of our immediate area.   

Eden Isles, Moonraker & Clipper Estates were created and zoned for single family private homes.   Encouraging non residents to visit our neighborhood without regard violates our right to privacy and exposes us to significant security risks.  Many who use a realtor in marketing one's home also do so in the name of security.

For security reasons many fine neighborhoods have gates to deter outsiders.  Less secure neighborhoods have lower property values and higher crime.  Since our streets were dedicated to the parish, Eden Isles cannot install gates.     

It is important that those not familiar with the metro area realize we are only 15 minutes from one of the most dangerous and crime ridden cities in the country.

Security and opening up the neighborhood to unknown visitors "in mass" simply do not go together.  When you are not expecting it or when evacuating for storms some of those "visitors" will be coming for our things simply because they have already been exposed to what we have.

I would encourage homeowners to demand that people running for HOA boards commit to keeping our homes private, recognize known security risks, and in general commit to the expectations of safety, security & preserving the integrity of our neighborhood.


An excellent publication on neighborhood security is available here:

Of course preventing unwarranted exposure is the first step.